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At thp4kids we don’t want to be like other websites, with the same old looks and sounds and ideas. We really are different. And we’re very proud of that. We also want you to feel proud. Proud to be yourself!

  • Maybe you’re not sure yet who you really are. That’s ok. It usually takes time to figure that out. Hang in there.
  • Maybe other people tell you who they think you are. Don’t listen – they don’t know you. Not from the inside, like you know yourself.
  • Maybe you’re not sure how you feel about boys or girls … and which ones you like better. No worries, friend. Just trust your feelings, no matter what anyone else says.

We’re here to help. Because we know you can do great things. Yeah, YOU! You’re a human being, right? Every single human being has something unique to share. Even you, believe it or not. Some of the greatest things have always come from people exactly like you. People who felt different, special … and wanted to share their special something.  Please explore thp4kids and remember: You’re not alone!

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